Workshop bookings.

Bicester Gliding Centreb has two workspaces which may be booked by club members for work on aircraft; these are the Tower Workshop and the Hangar Spraybay. These facilities may be booked by contacting the office, a contact name and number is required in case of emergency, also required is the name of the person to be billed. First come, first served is the order of the day, except that Bicester Gliding Centre Gliders may require priority to maintain club operations. The facilities are charged at 5.00 per day for the duration of the booking to offset the cost of power, lighting and maintenance items. The Tower Workshop is outside the security of the hangar and a padlock to the door provides some security. A key is available to the user via the office, which also holds a spare in case of emergency.

Bicester Gliding Centre makes these facilities available but does not supply any tools or materials. It is the responsibility of the user to determine that the facility is suitable for the work proposed and to source tools and materials in accordance with the BGA airworthiness exposition (part 5: Part M Sub Part F Maintenance, refers). Note that oils, waxes and silicone products must not be used in the spraybay. The user is responsible for ensuring that the health and safety aspects of using those tools and materials are complied with.The facility must be cleared of tools, materials and rubbish at the end of the booking