Airfield Runways

This view of Bicester airfield (looking east, so north is to the left) shows the old RAF base buildings amongst trees and bushes in the bottom right corner and the entrance to the airfield off Skimmingdish Lane (A4421) at the far right edge of the picture with the airfield entrance leading up to the main hangar. Along the bottom of the picture the A4421 continues northwards towards Buckingham.

The six main take-off and landing runs are marked on the image (although we sometimes launch from in front of the hangar in any direction), and the winch and aerotow launch runs are usually parallel but 100 - 150m apart. During a typical day Bicester airfield is likely to be using both a winch and aerotows. When winch launching, approximately 3000' of steel cable will be lying on the ground, and not necessarily directly along the runway, while a glider being launched will have this cable dangling beneath it. We winch launch to between 1200 and 2000'. Any area inside the perimeter track is landable, but not necessarily smooth.

Areas outside the perimeter track are NOT landable.

On windy days, turbulence can occur close to the hangars if we are using 060, and near the VERY tall trees around the square lake, between the 240 and 310 landing areas, where strong sink may be encountered.

Runways at RAF Bicester