Gliding Links

Laws and Rules - essential reading, is now available as separate sections

Gliding in general - The British Gliding Association. Lots of useful pages - The international body responsible for gliding, badges, competitions, etc, etc, etc.

Medical Requirements - Details of how fit you need to be - basically, fit enough to drive and your doctor agrees. You need proof of this before we can send you solo (but not to take lessons).

The Badge System - Explains the various gliding badges / qualifications

Oxford Uni Gliding Club - OUGC is co-located at Bicester Gliding Centre. Many useful links too.

Junior Gliding - web site for those 25 and under.

Gliding glossary - All those strange words that confuse a beginner when someone speaks technobabel without explaining things. It's an old page, but the glossary is good and very helpful for new-comers to the sport.

About Gliding - From WikiPedia, a good general discussion, with many, many good links.

History of gliding - American view, but okay, summarising the last 400 years or so.
And another history article here.
then it's the History of British Gliding, Part One and more history articles from the same source - Lists details on almost all gliders; performance figures, development history and manufacturer

Sailplane and Gliding - THE gliding magazine, produced by the BGA.

Online Gliding Magazine - Gliding and Motorgliding International, world wide news and articles.

Glider Pilot - Lots of pages and lots of links too.

Paul Remde's Link Pages - Lots of links to helpful gliding helpful pages.

Caroline Trust - a charity that supports young people and disabled people in gliding.

Instrumentation - Dickie Feakes has a placed on line a wealth of technical info on instruments, flight recorders etc on this site, including links to their user manuals.

GPS Links - What is says.

How GPS works - A very simple intro, but with links to more detailed explanations.

LX Avionics - UK supplier of glider instruments from LX and Filser.

Glider Instruments - PDF on how instruments work. Easy to follow with illustrations.

Cross-Country and Comps

BGA Comp News and BGA Comp Calendar - obvious, really.

BGA Ladder - submit your cross-country flights to this popular competition.

Competition Flying Articles - Part of RAFGSA comp training articles.

Speed to fly - and here too - About polar curves and glider performance

Cross-Country Handbook - 65 pages on how to do it, from the SSA

Adrian's Guide to Field Landing - views of crops and some advice, but NOT a substitute for practical training.

Field landing videos - produced for the BGA, covering many important points. Effectively, slide shows with audio commentary.

Glider Handicaps - what it says.

Interactive BGA Turnpoints Map - so that's where Thorngumbald is! Can view turning points on Google Earth. and also measure task distances - from our own Seth.

IGC Flight Replay is a nice little program, which shows where you went on Google Earth.

Analysis of speed to fly, tactics etc. John Cochrane's results from computer studies and analysis of MacCready theory and related topics. Basically, how to fly faster and get round a task.

Useful to know for Bronze Pilots

Bronze Syllabus - it's handy to know what we expect you to know.

Pilot's notes on airlaw - name says it all really

Pilot's notes on meteorology - as above

Glider School - Bronze C subjects everywhere, with tests as well (probably for old papers, but you should be able to answer these questions).

Bronze Confuser - as Word docs, in a zip file. Save on your own PC to use.

Laws and Rules - separate sections Essential reading.

VFR Airspace Explained - CAA document, easy to read and understand, a PDF.

Glider Instruments - PDF on how instruments work.

Lift, drag and glide performance - PDF, principles of flight lecture.

Control and Stability - PDF, principles of flight lecture

FAA Glider Flying Handbook - free, huge pdf file. It's better to download the individual chapters files, or your ereader will run very slowly. American bias, but very good most of the time. Instruments, theory of flight, cross country, meteorology, etc. Reviewed in S&G, Feb 2013.


Notams Software

Review of Notams Software, first published in S&G, 2007, with updates, including 2010. Read this before experimenting with the programs below.

SkyDemon Light A simplified version of a flight planning program, now with BGA TPs, available under Options, as little blue dots. NATS sponsored. Can be fiddly when changing your route.

Spine - Free. Soaring Pilot’s Intelligent NOTAMs Editor. For use in the UK only, it provides a simple interface to the AIS web site for downloading NOTAMs. You can set your task round BGA TPs and check for problems very easily. An Android version is also available, but doesn't have the task setting option. TPSelect also here, to create TP lists for a GPS.

Notam View - Free. It is primarily aimed at glider pilots with the ability to place a task planned around BGA turnpoints on the same map and look for potential conflicts. Best of the free ones.

NotamPlot - Free. Plots NOTAMs on a map of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

NotamCheck - £20. Has a 30-day trial version. Looks more suitable for power pilots.

NotamPro - £29.95. Only a Demo version (NOT a trial version) for testing purposes.

Metutil's phone app - Free, works in an ordinary web browser, with no downloads, via google maps. Not as easy on the eye as the standalone software, but just click the link to view. No gliding TPs or task setting. Or use for the iPhone/Android versions.

Gliding images

Aquila Photography (Rosie Homer) has several sets of gliding images from the Regionals 2012, and other topics

Ron Smith's Flickr pages has several great sets of gliding images. Well worth visiting, he often visits our comps and uploads news sets of images.

Nick Kelly has put a set of images of Flickr

Tupperware Pilot has many aviation images for your delight.