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Learn To Glide - £1,495*

A very popular present for someone special - including yourself!

Price includes all winch launching, thirty minutes of motor glider time and up to 4,000ft of aerotows until the student achieves solo standard. The price also includes the first year's membership fees. If the student has not achieved solo standard within the first 12 month period the subsequent years membership fees will become due and will be charged on a prorate basis for the remainder of the membership year.

Students who wish to avail themselves of this offer and already have full club membership may deduct the current annual membership fee at the basic rate from the price.

The scheme is valid:-
Up to and including the member’s first solo flight, but the membership part of the deal covers the first year only.

* Non refundable

Flying Start - £295*

A popular 'taster' introduction to gliding!

The Flying Start course includes 3 months membership to Bicester Gliding Centre, and £200 of flying credit which is ‘flown off’ at club rates – see the Price List under Full. This should give you around 15 - 20 Winch Launch flights or 6 Aerotows. This will take you a significant way through your training to become a pilot! You can either fly at the weekends by putting your name on the daily flying list when you arrive at the launch point, or come out mid-week if the day is not otherwise booked up - contact the office about this however.

A training glider winching launching at Bicester Gliding Centre, near Oxford.
* Non refundable


Give yourself a gliding holiday - you deserve it!

Phone 01869 252493 to book - the phone will be answered during normal office hours.

Mark joined as a Junior Member and within three years entered competitions