Inter-Club League

The InterClub League is a "friendly" competition format, where a group of local clubs are organised into a League and compete against each other throughout the summer at weekend events, usually four to six clubs per league. The winners of each League then compete in a final to find the year's winner. The Bicester team captain is currently awaiting selection.

ICL 2010 Dates.

When the dates are finalised, we will publish them here.

Team members wanted - novice, intermediate and pundit.

Complete ICL rules are available in PDF format. We are looking for novice, intermediate and pundits for all meets. The maximum experience limits for each class are given below.

Novice: No previous competition experience, but must have the XC Endorsement

Intermediate: Regionals or Gold C standard. Not Nationals pilots or those with a 500km Diamond Badge.

Pundit: Anyone

Please email Sunay Shah for details. (Sunat is retiring and the new organiser's details will eventually appear here.)

Competition results will be posted here, as will any news or requests for team members if someone unexpectedly has to drop out. The team isn't fixed for the season, anyone can take part who is qualified. If several qualified pilots want to fly on a particular day, they can let the official team start then tag along for fun. This is a good opportunity for less experienced pilots to compete against their friends, rather than just float around the sky at a snail's pace.

When we host our event, volunteers will be needed to assist with recording land-outs, scoring (wonder who they'll drag in to do that, yet again), organise the launch point, get the weather and task set.

ICL 2010 News

When we have results, we will place links to them here.