Flying Order Book

The following important documents should be read by members or visiting pilots flying at Bicester Airfield.

The Flying Order Book has been revised by Bicester Gliding Centre in January 2018 and a copy is available as a PDF document to view or download.

The book itself is at Bicester Gliding Centre at Bicester Airfield and, must be signed to show that you have understood the rules.

A separate document describing Tug Operations is also available as a PDF file to view or download. (Updated March 2020, ignore the date shown in the footer.)

Our minimum requirements for Converting to Single Seater Gliders, or to fly two-seater gliders solo is also available as a PDF file.

Visiting pilots - please read this Detailed Document on Circuits, updated in October 2016. And this document on taxi-ing, take-off and landing. Both these documents are embedded in the Visiting Pilots page

If you have not already seen it, please also look at the Club Safety page.


Welcome to the Bicester Gliding Centre.

The above rules and regulations have been written for your safety. Please read them carefully and sign the airfield copy to show that you have understood them. Ignorance of these rules will not be taken as an excuse. The information may appear strict but this is for the sake of clarity and to avoid confusion.

Visitors please note the local site rules and remember that if you upset our aviating neighbours and local residents, it is our club that will have to answer for your actions.

Fly safely but have fun.


The flying Order Book was revised in January 2018

A minor edit was added to the FIB on 21st January 2010, re Recency

A more major edit was added on 2nd December, 2014, to illustrate circuits, taxiing and related things for power pilots.
This was further updated in October 2016 to make circuits clearer for visiting pilots.

The rules were updated on 21st March, 2017, and separate copies for tug flying and singles seater flying created.