Club Expeditions

Club members often organise trips to other clubs to broaden their experience and fly over some of the fantastic, beautiful landscapes that Britain has to offer. Others visit other countries. Whenever an expedition is planned it will be mentioned here, along with the organiser. Please contact the organiser for more details.

Denbigh 2012

We have organised an autumn exped to Denbigh, North Wales, starting Saturday 6th October until Sunday 14th October. The exped will be led by Dave Bullock, who has a massive experience of the site, and we will be taking GAM and at least one of the glass single seaters.

If you are interested in coming along, please drop Mike Pettican a line. You will need to pay a non refundable deposit to Denbigh if you wish to take along your own glider, and you should contact them directly to organise this, as well as letting me know. You will not be able to rock up with your own glider without notifying Denbigh.

For more info, please see

It will be up to you to organise your own accommodation, and there are links on the Denbigh website to do this.


As previously advertised, the club has booked both GAM and either the Discus or Astir into Denbigh for a week, starting on Saturday 6th October. This exped is being led by Jonathan May, who has experience at Denbigh. It is a fantastic site, with a 25Km ridge, and has great wave potential for height gains.

Denbigh is approx. 2 1/2 hours from Bicester, so is day tripable, but most would organise to stay in a local.

A winch launch there will set you back 16 (which includes your day membership), and it is expected that a winch launch will get you to the ridge. GAM and the Discus/Astir will be charged for at the normal soaring fee.

If you want to go along for some excellent gliding at this fantastic site, please drop me or Jonathan a line, as we now need numbers. Jonathan will be there Sat 6th October until Tuesday 9th, and then again on Saturday and Sunday 13th/14th October. GAM places are limited (due to expected long soaring flights), so it will be organised by those who get in touch and confirm you want a place first. If you wish to take your own glider, please get in touch with Denbigh and book in directly (site checks will be in GAM).
Email Mike at michael.pettican @ or email Jonathan at jonathan_may @

Sisteron 2012

Pete Stratten has asked us to point out that several people and their gliders are going to Sisteron at the end of April / early May. Other members are welcome to come along as well with their gliders. If anyone is interested in hearing more about this, they should contact Petestratten @ gmail(dot)com. This link provides some idea of what visitors from the UK typically get up to in the Southern French Alps

Portmoak 2012

The annual trek north will once more take place over Easter for this gathering of Uni clubs. Members interested to this exciting trip should contact OJ.

Portmoak 2011

The annual trek north will once more take place over Easter. Members interested to this exciting trip should contact OJ.

Portmoak 2010

Once again OJ is organising the annual Universities get together at Portmoak, from 2nd - 11th April. Students from several different Unis will be there, having a Wave Away Week. Help is always appreciated and several of our members are taking their own gliders along as well.

Portmoak 2009 Once More

A large group of members visited Portmoak over the Easter period in 2009 (and 2008). These vists were a huge success, and everyone who went there had a great time. So much so, that Mike Pettican is organising a second visit for 2009, for a week starting on Saturday 5th September. Once booked, a 98 deposit is required. (Interestingly, groups from Portmoak and Aboyne, the two great Scottish wave centres, are coming to Bicester in 2009 for their weeks away.)

Denbigh Part III

Mike Pettican is organising a trip to Denbigh in North Wales. Dates are Saturday 29th Sept. 2007 to Sunday 7th October 2007. More details are available from a poster in the bar. Accomodation is in a large cottage - it sleeps up to 12, so the more that go, the cheaper it will be! Ridge and wave soaring - Felix got to over 12,000ft on the March trip, so it must be good.

Scotland - Where real pilots fly

OUGC is joining the Uni Gliding Exped to Portmoak, March 31st - April 7th 2007. OJ and Debbie go on this trip regularly (they met there - ah, it's so sweeeeet, eh) and OJ will be the Exped Full-Cat. A request for some instructors to help out has been made. And of course students to take part as well. If interested, contact OJ or Rhian via the usual communication lines. Soar the mountains (not those teeny weeny wimpy English hills), visit the haggis farm, meet new people, fall in love, see what's worn under a kilt (nothing), etc. etc. Not necessarily in that order.

Denbigh II

After their last exciting trip to the wild welsh wilderness, several on the University students and some of the younger club members are off to Lleweni Parc, again. This time the trip is scheduled for 10th - 17th March, 2007. It is being organised by Felix Hofmann. Contact him for more information.

Latest Adventure

Several on the University students and some of the younger club members are off to Lleweni Parc, also known as Denbigh Gliding Club, in Wales, for the second week in December. They are taking along Dave Bullock as he used to be the CFI there and knows all the good spots to fly.

Possible Trip

Dave Smith is considering organising a trip to Talgarth in November 2006. Speak to him if you are interested.

Recent Expeditions

Club members have made trips to Deeside Gliding Club, Aboyne to savour the wonders of Scottish wave (2004), and to the Long Mynd to practice ridge flying (2004 and 2005).