Duty Roster

The Bicester Gliding Centre duty roster now uses the DutyMan online roster system. Clicking the above link will open the roster in a new window. As many people don't seem to have noticed, there are two views of the roster available - Calendar View and List View.

If you decide to use List View, then select Paged. You then select the month from the Go to drop down list, which takes you to the beginning of that month and you navigate through via the left right buttons to the exact day you want. If instead you have chosen Continuous, ALL duties are displayed from the earliest to the latest date, and you have to manually scroll down this.

If you chose Calendar view, a list of months and dates is shown on the left and you move to the day or month that you want.

You are advised to check the roster at regular intervals and look ahead to check for duties in advance of the current week's display. Duties will usually be allocated for six to eight weeks ahead of the current date, to enable you to plan things or arrange swapsies. If you arrange a swap without using the DutyMan swap system or without letting me know, next time you may accidentally get rostered close to the swapped date, as others will work from the existing "official" roster.

Help on using Dutyman

We have prepared a couple of beginner's guides of our own to assist you. Start with these two first.
There is a general introduction available, which is a text document covering many of the basics if you wish to use the Priority booking for training (the Ab Initio slots). This is the Weekend Booking system mentioned below.

There is also a short illustrated guide to logging in and booking a slot that one of the office staff made in her spare time. This helps if you are using a mobile phone to book, as some of the parts of the system are hard to read on a phone. We always recommend using a computer as your first choice, then if stuff use a tablet. A mobile should be your last choice of device, as mis-keying info is so easy to do on a phone.

There is a detailed beginner's guide to using the system available to all members - this is Dutyman's own guide. Sometimes it says you have been logged out, try again. Click the reset button, then return to this page via the browser's Back button (two steps back), and click the above link again. The help will then be displayed. It can be annoying when this happens, it's a bug in Dutyman.

A Little Note

Just to clear up a point of confusion - DutyMan is designed to DISPLAY the roster, so you can access the list from anywhere (unlike a list on a piece of paper at the club, which you can only see in one place), and to issue reminders of duties due by email. A human being allocates the duties to you, not a computer. Allocation of duties is done by some poor volunteer, with members working in regular teams. You can share duties on the day with your team members of course, and others not on the team are allowed to volunteer their help.

The Duty BI is there to guarantee at least one person is available to fly trial lessons. This doesn't mean they must fly every trial lesson - you can share them with a friend on a busy day to reduce the work load, or with one of the other rostered instructors. The same is true for tuggies and other instructors - don't get tired and worn out by working too hard.

Weekend Priority Booking Scheme V3

This scheme is currently suspended unitl further notice.