Bicester Gliding Centre Cross-Country Group.

The Bicester Cross Country Group aims to provide a friendly framework for all Bicester pilots to progress and enhance their Cross Country flying.

Our Astir, DFR, finishing after a race at the Junior Nationals

We aim to have daily briefings each day of the weekend throughout the soaring season at 10:00am in the briefing room. All are welcome.

The inaugural meeting of the WGC XC Group took place at Bicester on Saturday 25th March 2006.

The aims of the group as agreed during this meeting are set out here.

The XC group now has its own discussion pages on Yahoo Groups.

Since 2009, Dave Watt has sent out emails when the weather is good, giving his assessment of what is possible. Dave emphasises that deciding to not come flying on the basis of a poor forecast means you can easily miss chances to fly when a forecast is wrong.

The cross-country group also helps organise the Inter Club League when we have an event at Bicester, and sends our teams to other clubs when they host a League competition. They sometimes organise expeditions to other clubs to experience flying in more challenging conditions.

Please email Sunay Shah for more information.