Mike, one of our instructors, prepares to set off on a long cross-country flight.

Cross Countries

This page will be the source of information for cross country pilots at all stages of experience. It will contain weather reports, ideas for tasks and general information to make the life of the cross country pilot easier. It is also hoped that we can add your own contributions to this page and maybe one or two photos!

Badge Claims

If you make a flight that might count for a badge, do NOT download and clear a flight recorder yourself! For a valid badge claim, an Official Observer must supervise this. Turning up a weekor three later and asking for a trace to be assessed with no evidence that it came from your glider does not constitute a valid claim.

Also, it is a bit of a shame to loose your flight recorder trace because you either don't know how to switch it on, or connect it up properly, or even used a barograph instead of a flight recorder! And as the battery inside the device may be rather old and die just before you get back, it is worth seeking advice on replacing it.

Inter Club League News

This information is duplicated in the ICL's own page, where more details are available

Provisional Dates - these have not yet been set, but will be added as soon as we have them.

Complete ICL rules will be available soon. I am looking for novice, intermediate and pundits for all meets. The maximum experience limits for each class are given below.

Novice: No previous competition experience + XC Endorsement

Intermediate: Regionals or Gold

Pundit: Anyone

Our InterClub League organiser for next year has not been finalised. When someone tells me, I will add more info here.


Information on NOTAMS is now available on the club computers.

A free and good software package is SPINE. On starting, it tells you that the authoratative source for NOTAMS is AIS. Click Okay. Then, in the small control panel that appears on the left, click on Fetch NOTAMs - Do It. Next click on Plot on the larger information panel and the zoomable map will be displayed. Hovering over a marked area brings up relevant information. You can set tasks as well, and check the track lines against NOTAMed areas. Note that there is now an andriod version of this software, which enables you to check things at the launch point on your Android phone or tablet, although at present the task setting option is not available in this version.

For more details visit www.sky-web.net/notamsosftware.htm for a review of SPINE and similar programs and details of what they can do for you.

The free service provided by SkyDemonLight is now considered to be rather good. This is a web site service using a display system that only works on Windows computers. Notams are only displayed if you enter a task. You don't need to know your final task initially, as that should be chosen to avoid the notams that you can't yet see. But entering Bicester as the start and finish will give you a small task and activate the actual notam display. Tasks can then be created by dragging the tps to the BGA waypoints. (TPs can be displayed by going to the Options menu item.)

Note that the SkyDemonLight service requires Microsoft's Silverlight, which only runs on Windows machines. The paid for full version is available for other platforms however.

All pilots are encouraged to enter their cross country flights on the BGA ladder. Please log your flight on the ladder yourself or send the flight details and flight evidence to the ladder steward, John Wright, who can arrange a log-in for you.