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Take a Bicester Gliding Centre Course

Gliding courses at Bicester Gliding Centre - you CAN do it!

New to gliding? Want to improve you current skills?
Courses with Bicester Gliding Centre are the ideal introduction for newcomers and the perfect way to make rapid progress that is difficult to achieve at some other clubs. Within convenient traveling distance of Oxford, Banbury, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Birmingham, Reading, and London.

Five-Day Intensive Courses - £650

Are you learning to glide, and not progressing quickly enough?
Take a 5 day course.

This course fee includes all launches (by Winch, Aerotow and Motorglider) and all airtime, for the duration of your course.

Each course will have at least one instructor assigned solely to it and have a student to instructor ratio of 2:1. The courses will be tailored to each individual's requirements, and will be structured to make as much progress as possible for each pupil aiming for solo.

There will be a professional ground school with lectures on theory and gliding techniques, plus pilot’s logbook included in the course fee. Detailed pre-flight and post-flight briefings are also included.

The course fee is £650 - of which we need a £200 deposit to secure your place (this deposit will not be refunded if you subsequently cancel, however change of dates, if available, may be accepted). This fee covers the cost of all flying during your course.

Book your place early - we anticipate them filling up quickly.

The smile says it all, doesn't it!


6000' Package - £159

Go on, treat yourself!

So you want more than a single trial flight, but can't fit in a full week off work around your main holiday commitments. Try one of our 6000' packages instead!

The 6000' Package is the ideal way to see if gliding really is for you. The voucher costs £159 and gives a 6000ft height allowance. This package is bookable either morning or afternoon. Your height allowance can be used on just aerotow (towed up behind a tug plane) or by taking winch launches (being pulled airborne by 3000ft of steel cable travelling at 70mph) or a combination – for someone expressing an interest in learning to fly we recommend 1 x 3000ft aerotow followed by 3 winch launches. (Each winch launch counts as 1000ft from this allowance.) On the day of your 6000' package, should you wish to go further, we can move your package fee into a Flying Start or Learn to Glide package deal, BUT this can only be done on the day of your 6000' package course.

Contact the office directly (phone or email) to check instructor availablity.

Order your 6000' package online now!

Available as required, April - September

Course Dates


We are offering 5 Day Courses throughout the year.  Please contact the office on 01869 252493 to discuss dates


All our courses are run by fully-trained, qualified BGA instructors. We follow the standard BGA training syllabus and training methods.

Terms and Conditions for your course


Can't take a full week off work? Then the Flying Start Package Deal may better suit your work pattern. This is a fixed price deal where you can make very good progress towards solo status, flying at weekends within the normal club operation as a temporary member. You can combine a stay in Oxford with a view of Oxfordshire and the surrounding countryside from above! You can combine the package deal with mid-week flying if that suits your better.

Just email enquiries (see footer) or call us now to book a gliding course on 01869 252493

Give yourself a gliding holiday - you know deserve it!