Membership Categories

The membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June. Members joining during the year will be charged pro-rata for the period remaining, calculated as published in the office, unless they join in May or June, in which case they will be required to take out membership to run until the end of the next membership year. (These terms may be different for members of affiliated university clubs, as specified in their individual agreements.) .

Only certain categories of member are eligible (subject to the availability of space and payment of fees) to use some club facilities and to keep a glider or caravan on club premises at yearly rates; all other members must pay weekly or daily rates. Syndicated aircraft are the responsibility of the appointed representative, who must be a Full Member or, for powered aircraft, Power Member.

Unless otherwise agreed, all membership fees and facilities charges (e.g. hangarage, trailer storage and caravan parking) must be paid, and completed membership forms and facilities agreements received, in advance of the period to which they refer. Members are required to maintain their flying accounts in credit at all times.

All categories of membership have full voting rights.


Full Membership

Full Members may pursue all club activities and have full voting rights at general meetings and polls.

Country Membership

Country membership is offered to members of other BGA clubs who live more than 50 miles from Bicester

Power Membership

Power Members are eligible to keep a powered aircraft on site and to fly in powered aircraft from the airfield. They enjoy the privileges of Social Membership, but otherwise may not fly gliders or the club’s motor gliders and, unless explicitly agreed, may not pursue tugging or NPPL training.

Junior Membership

A class of membership open to those between 18 and 25 years old at the start of BGC’s membership year (01 July).

Cadet Membership

Cadet Members must normally be 14 and less than 18 years of age at the beginning of the membership year and, subject to approval by the Cadet Scheme Manager, they may pursue all club activities. The minimum age limit for Cadet Members may be waived if their parent or guardian is a Full Member and is present on the airfield when the Cadet Member flies, and at the discretion of the Cadet Scheme Manager. Members of affiliated university clubs are eligible for Cadet Membership provided that they are in full time education and of no more than 25 years of age at the beginning of their membership year. Cadet Members will be separately liable to reimburse the club for any BGA Capitation Fees paid by the club in respect of their membership. Cadet Members under 18 years of age must have the permission of their parent or guardian who, except for members of affiliated university clubs, must agree to be responsible for charges incurred by the member. See the Young Members Information Sheet

Temporary and Reciprocal Membership

Bicester Gliding Centre is a 7 days per week operation and applies a "Quid Pro Quo" policy in relation to visiting pilots.

Weekends - Visiting pilots wishing to fly at Bicester during the weekend, will not be charged a Temporary Member Day Rate providing BGC pilots visiting their club would not be charged for equal temporary membership.

Weekdays - Visiting pilots from clubs who offer their membership a 7 day a week operation, will not be charged a Temporary Member Day Rate providing BGC pilots visiting their club would not be charged for equal temporary membership.

Visiting pilots from clubs who do not offer their membership a 7 day a week operation (eg. primarily operate on weekends only) and who wish to fly at Bicester on a weekday will be charged the normal Temporary Member Day Rate.

Where 5 or more pilots from a visiting club wish to fly at Bicester BGC will discount the Temporarily Member Day Rate charge.

Temporary Membership will allow BGC club aircraft to be flown solo subject to the approval of the duty instructor. Where a visiting pilot flying a BGC aircraft is involved in an accident the pilot in question will be asked to pay either the insurance excess or repair cost up to a maximum of £500 unless the committee decides to wave such costs.

A Temporary Membership form is to be completed for each visiting pilot and for the current BGC year.

Friends and Family of instructors will not be charged a Temporary Day Membership fee. This will also apply to pilots authorised to carry F&F in their own gliders. Non-pilots who are guests of a fully paid up members

Social members

Social members are eligible to make one flight under instruction per month at the Full Member rate, and may take part in any non-flying club activities. Social Members may pursue non-flying activities (eg. kitesurfing, flying model aircraft) subject to written prior agreement.

Introductory Membership

Introductory Membership is provided as part of packages such as Trial Lessons. During this period, members may fly under instruction in gliders and motor gliders at Full Member rates. The member’s flying account must hold sufficient credit for any flights made

Family Membership

Family Membership covers the Full Memberships of a couple who are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting, and the Cadet Memberships of their dependent children (aged 18 or under at the beginning of the membership year)

General Conditions

All flying operations, including access to club aircraft, are subject to the approval of the Chief Flying Instructor. See also Important Membership Conditions.

Aerotows are charged to the nearest 100 feet, as recorded by the tug pilot.
Use of the motor glider is charged according to the time recorded by the Hobbs counter;
use of the tug aircraft is charged according to the time flying when not needed for tugging.

The club may agree alternative membership arrangements in exceptional individual cases.