Ed Johnston who finshed 10 - 20 kph faster than the next 15 finishers!

Day 1 Winner
Ed Johnston, W7
98.7 kph
And Day 2 also, at 105.6 kph

Even the youngest girls are hanging around our French entrant...

2nd place, Day 2
Louis Bouderlique,
A, 105.4 kph

Ian MacArthur, in second place, back to Bicester after last year's successful Juniors

2nd place, Day 1
Ian MacArthur, T2 89.5 kph

The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Wednesday 12/7/2006

7:30 am Sunny, and few clouds!

8:00 am It looks like it will be a bit blue today, but still reasonable gliding conditions overall. Weatherman thinks it will be okay and Max is setting a task at this moment.

9:00 am Grid before briefing. We have a task ready. More details after briefing. still looking blueish.

10:20 am Today we have an assigned area task of three hours. Bicester - Northampton South - Didcot - Mursley - Bicester. Minimum distance will be 149 km, with the maximum distance at 406.7 km. Graham the Met says it will be blue, with 4500 - 5000' for the inversion top. Thermals averaging 3 kts. First launch is provisionally 11:30 am.

At prize giving Dickie the director went out of his way to give our French competitor, Louis, a suitable prize - a bottle of good quality red wine. Australian red wine...

11:45 am First launch provisionally about 12:15, nothing definate yet.

11:55 am Sniffer at 3000' now, with occasional 3kt thermals.

12:05 First launch has announced as 12:20.

13:30 Early starters were D1, S1, 57, 301 and 6, but all except 6 restarted later. S1 did suggest that infringing the max start height really deserved a bonus today, not a penalty. We are discussing this proposed rule change just now.

13:46 Bunch of them in quick succession, EZ, 57, F2, 64, T2 and several others.

13:55 Lots more starters in the last five minutes - I thought AATs were meant to reduce gaggling. But being blue does make gaggles more likely.

14:00 Everyone except B3 has started, but there was a distorted call with a Bravo in it which we couldn't decipher, so they are probably all on task now. Last to go were X1 and D1. We can relax for a while now.

14:52 It's very quiet on the radio.

15:20 First landouts reported. H20, 149, and T2 have sadly bit the dust.

15:49 We have 16 competitors in a gaggle right over the airfield just now. With the T21 climbing through them to the top.

And poor KGN must be looking up at them from the ground nearby at this very moment...

16:18 Trailer No. 6 has just passed the scorer's window, and C64 has landed back (not finished).

We'd hope to get some finishers in about 30 minutes time. Fingers crossed.

16:46 We now know that 57 and 781 have also landed out, and D4 has landed back here (not finished).

16:50 The first finishers have just called five minutes - F2 and 28E.

16:52 That pair have called 1 minute and 70 has called three.

16:55 We now have 2T, 660, W7, 301, 144, S1 and several others calling five minutes.

17:00 And now it's the turn of 969, 161, A, and KV to call five mins.

17:04 EZ has joined the finishers calling, as has 790.

17:10 More callers. They say it was hard work, and there were some low scrapes. Scores will appear online in about five to ten minutes and be updated regularly.

17:40 Still some late finishers, but at least one has landed within walking distance of the airfield. Let's hope he has got inside the finish circle, as he doesn't need to make it back to the airfield.

18:34 We now have 75% of the field scored, and are just short of a 1000 pt day at present.

20:07 Five loggers to go, a few of which have had comms problems but we think we can solve them. Currently only 140 points between the top five pilots after three days. Hope to have the full results available within the hour. 35 out of 47 got round today.

21:00 All loggers now seen, just the final checks to go.