Ed Johnston who finshed 10 - 20 kph faster than the next 15 finishers!

Day 1 Winner
Ed Johnston, W7
98.7 kph

Ian MacArthur, in second place, back to Bicester after last year's successful Juniors

2nd place, Day 1
Ian MacArthur, T2 89.5 kph

The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Tuesday 11/7/2006

7:00 am It's not raining !!!

8:00 am It's still not raining, and the bright yellow shiny thing in the sky is blazing down.
After several complaints, mainly from the parents of small children who have had nightmares, we've changed the scary picture of Ian MacArthur to a more acceptable one.

Water, as you know features a lot at gliding comps. either as rain or as wing ballast. But one pilot, who can remain nameless (but flies 301) found another way to complain about water. He went for a cycle trip yesterday afternoon. along the canal path. Yes, I known it's now rather obvious what happened next, but while cycling along, his wheel hit a large stick and decided to run along the top of it instead of over it. When he regained control, he was pointing at 90o to his original direction of travel, and went straight into the canal. As the wheel hit the water he thought "Oh I am going to look silly, all wet and dirty." But the wheel stopped rather suddenly, as the water was only 18" deep and over he went, head first into the canal bottom. Ouch. After a four hour stay in hospital, one X-ray and one CAT scan persueded the staff that his neck wasn't broken and he was fit to fly. He claims no alcohol was involved. Yeh, sure.

8:05 am As for the boring stuff, Max is setting a task and Graham the Met says it looks okay.

8:40 am Looks like it will be a good day, with a reasonable cloudbase. Now calling the pilots to grid before briefing . More task details after briefing.

10:12 am The task is set as Bic (BNW) - Bug - Sac - Chv - Bic, 400km. First launch is provisionally at 11:00 am. Weather man says 3 - 4kts thermals for about four hours at the peak period. Cloudbase should be 4000', improving to 4500', with a chance of going blue towards the end of the day.

10:51am The sniffer is already reporting 3kt thermals. We could be in for a good day. First launch has just been announced as 11:10 am.

11:10 am Sniffer just said cloud base is 4200', and the first ones are off on tow.

12:00 pm All gliders were launched after 40 minutes. The start gate opens at 12:04 pm

12:10 pm Early starters include 6, 149, 232, 7X, KV, R4

12:20 pm More pilots off on track, including S1, 70, 646, 660, T2, X1, 781, AC

12:45 pm Several late starts and several re-starts by those who set off early. But still ten pilots haven't called yet.

14:52 About 2 and a half hours gone and no reported landouts, so far. Hope I'm not tempting fate by saying that...

15:30 We can hear raidio chat from competitors, thermals of 4 and 5 kts are being mentioned by several, but the cumulus seems to be gradually fading and it looks like it could go blue soon. Still no landouts.

Start Times are available here

16:10 The boys are back in town! 149 and B3 have just made it home. Let's hope there are more to come.

16:19 28E just called two minutes. and someone else (I missed him) called five minutes.

16:50 More finishers have arrived, including S1, 301, EZ, 232, and 781. Obviously 301's canal trip yesterday didn't do too much harm. Scores are starting to appear online, thanks to yours truely.

17:08 D4, 7X, 57, and 628 have returned, amongst others, while 144 and 197 have called five minutes.

17:13 LL, R3 and 676 called five minutes. Speeds achieved currently in the range 92 - 102 kph.

17:20 No. 6 , 483 and F2 are back.

17:31 There are a lot of finishers. Watch the reuslts page from now on, as scoring progresses steadily. And so far, no landouts with only three more to come.

18:08 With 161 getting back a few seconds ago, that leaves just 104 to come, who hopefully will make it 100% finishers on a 400km task.

18:27 It's official, 100% got round the 400km task. Lots of happy pilots.

21:00 Scoring is over for this evening (well, scoring involving maths anyway...)