Andy May, who won last year's Juniors at Bicester, is currently leading the pack.

Overall Leader
Andy May,
Discus 2a 70

Simon returns to Bicester after last year's successful Juniors.

Day 3 Winner
Simon Barker
28E, 242.9km at 81.0 kph

Even the youngest girls are hanging around our French entrant...

2nd place, Day 3
Louis Bouderlique
A, 246.5km at 77.0 kph
Also 2nd on Day 2, at 105.4kph

Ed Johnston who finshed 10 - 20 kph faster than the next 15 finishers on Day 1!

Day 1 Winner
Ed Johnston, W7
98.7 kph
And Day 2 also, at 105.6 kph

The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Thursday 13/7/2006 - Day 4

7:30 am It's a bit grey out there this morning.! Weatherman is suggesting it will be flyable later on though.

Andy May is the current overall leader, Ed Johnston is second and Louis Bouderlique is in third place. Several of the daily prize winners performed well at last year's Junior (no, not Ed). There are only 138 points between first and fifth, with four days still to go, so things could easily change.

9:44 am The clearance has gone through Leicester, so things are improving. More news after briefing.

10:14 am We will be briefing for the task at 12:00, and the gliders are moving out to the grid at this moment.

12:15 pm We have set a task. Bicester - Broadway - Watford Gap - Bicester. 152.7km. (Task A) A bit small, but the weather is giving a small soaring window and it's all we can fit in to it. There is a clearance in the weather ten miles north of the airfield.
Alternative task if things change is Bicester - Bromsgrove - Worcester - Bicester, 162 km. (Task B)
First launch is provisionally set for 13:00.

For those who didn't know, first prize for the comp winner is a Colibri logger, while second prize will be a copy of See You. With such valuable prizes, the competitors are even keener to win.

12:30 Word from friends in the task area is that it's blue out there. Satellite pictures confirm a clearance is coming our way.

13:03 First launch confirmed as 13:15.

13:15 And off they go, rolling past my window. One day they will let me go outside. Perhaps. Sniffer says local cloud base is about 4000', but it looks a bit murky in the task area, while a Bidford pilot has relayed that it's blue but soarable out there.

15:00 Well, it was just a continuous stream of starts (and re-starts) from about 14:17 to 14:38, leaving no time to update this page.
The start times are now on line here.

15:50 First finishers due soon, 790 and 6 calling five mins, with D1 and 660 following behind. They were among the first to start though.

15:54 C64 and 646 have called five mins.

15:55 64, LL, 456, E11, 70, D4, 2T, and a few others are calling five mins now. Looks like a devalued day, as teh weather has improved vastly compared to that when the task was set.

15:58 More of them, including KV (local boy), 628, A, J1 and a couple more.

16:01 AC, 144, 676 and 352 due now.

16:02 Now it's F2, S1, EZ, 781 and W8. The ground will be a bit crowded soon!

16:03 H20 as well. Busy isn't it? That's 30 so far.

16:08 T2 called five mins.

16:20 28E one minute. Still a few out there.

16:23 A few more late calls, R3, 497, R4, L4 all calling 2 mins.

16:32 It's gone all quiet now.

16:48 Everyone is accounted for. Scores are appearing online now.

19:50 Not a high scoring day, but it's the difference in points between pilots that says whether you overtake someone or drop a place. Many of those I spoke to enjoyed today's flight a lot more than yesterday's, and they shouldn't be too tired to perform well tomorrow.

22:16 Scoring finished for the night, with adjustments for high starts. Nice to see a local pilot winning a day and another in third place.

22:50 Ed Davies has kindly produced some "Bumps" charts which show pilots' progress throughout the competition. These are linked to under Results in the menu.