Louis Bouderlique,is currently leading the pack ahead of all the Brits.

Overall Leader
Louis Bouderlique,
LS 8, A

Howard had a good day and took Friday's honours, Day 5

Day 5 Winner
Howard Jones
6, at 97.1 kph

Local hero Derren, having won Anne's hand earlier in the week, took second place on Day 5

2nd on Day 5
Derren Francis
F2, at 96.6 kph

Dan shows that the local boys can win a day.

Day 4 Winner
Dan Pitman
KV, at 105.5 kph

Simon returns to Bicester after last year's successful Juniors.

Day 3 Winner
Simon Barker
28E, 242.9km at 81.0 kph

Ed Johnston who finshed 10 - 20 kph faster than the next 15 finishers on Day 1!

Day 1 Winner
Ed Johnston, W7
98.7 kph
And Day 2 also, at 105.6 kph

The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Saturday 15/7/2006 - Day 6

7:30 am A grey cold morning. Weatherman says it will be go blue again, but not quite as good a day as yesterday. in terms of distance.

9:20 am We have a suitable task for the weather, which has just brightened up and dazzled me trying to type this.

10:10 am Met man says blue everywhere, just like yesterday, but thermals a little bit weaker at 3kts and the wind will be a little bit lighter.

Task is a 3 hour AAT - Bicester - Didcot - Buckingham - Chipping Norton - Calvert and home to Bicester.
Min distance is 146km with the max distance at 469.5 km. First launch 12:00, provisionally.

12:04 Sniffer says thermals currently weak and inversion is low. First launch will not be before 12:30, possibly later still.

12:28 Sniffer still not happy, as thermals die off too quickly with height. Max has delayed first launch until 13:00.

12:50 Meteosat images show the entire country is now blue.

12:55 First launch is set for 13:15. Sniffer has had 4kts and is climbing up to 3000 as we type.

13:15 And off they go! Once more the brave pilots throw themselves into the sky (assisted by the tuggies and their powerful engines) on a challenging AAT, where all their decision making powers will be stretched to the limits. Three hours of exciting flying awaits them. Will the older, experienced pilots be able to match the youthful exuberance of the youngsters currently leading the pack? Will a Brit be able to displace the Frenchman, who has been flying very consistantly? So many questions! Me? I'm eating a sandwich, sipping a nice cuppa and relaxing in my chair, enjoying the view out my prison cell window. Start Times will be here, eventually.

15:19 Well there was a steady stream of starts, and several restarts, but everyone has gone, although I may have missed one. see the start times above for more details. In about 3 hours it will get busy again. Unless we have some landouts, but these experts aren't going to do that, are they?

16:00 7X has landed back.

16:15 7X has re-started!!!

16:20 No. 6 has landed out, the first as far as we know.

16:27 E11 is on the ground, at 51 55.619N 001 00.750W. Wherever that is.

17:15 T2 has called five minutes. As has B3. And two that I missed. Ah 497 must be one, as he has landed in front of me. And 301 as well.

17:23 L4, D4, C64 and AC in five minutes.

17:27 790 and 952 in five mins.

17:36 And A in three minutes, with KGN, 628 and 2T in five.

17:38 D1 and 646 in three minutes

17:39 J1, 57 in five mins. Think I've missed some. more gliders on the ground that in the list so far.

17:42 456 in three mins

17:44 R3 in two mins

17:46 X1 one minute. Some one has landed out very close to the airfield.

17:48 144 two mins, 232 in one minute AND we just heard that 70 has landed out just short of the airfield.

17:58 It's gone a bit quiet now. Hope that's not a bad sign, but for some still out there, they are only a few minutes past the three hour mark at present, so perhaps we still have some more to come.

18:05 H20, 149, 183, and 64 have just phoned in their positions.

18:14 F2 has just landed. Scoring is progressing slowly as we await more loggers. Some we will be waiting a long time for, of course.

18:48 It is going to be tight at the top when we finish tonight's scoring , and the Colibri and See You prizes will probably be decided on by tomorrow's flight.

19:34 Although we still have a few more to score, i.e. the landouts, there is now only 50 points between the top two - Louis B is still in first place and Gary S has moved up to second. There will also be a battle for third place as they are all close together. It's not over be any means.