Andy May, who won last year's Juniors at Bicester, is currently leading the pack.

Overall Leader
Andy May,
Discus 2a 70

Dan shows that the local boys can win a day.

Day 4 Winner
Dan Pitman
KV, at 105.5 kph

Gary finished second of Day 4

2nd Day 4
Gary Stingemore
X1, at 104.3 kph

Simon returns to Bicester after last year's successful Juniors.

Day 3 Winner
Simon Barker
28E, 242.9km at 81.0 kph

Ed Johnston who finshed 10 - 20 kph faster than the next 15 finishers on Day 1!

Day 1 Winner
Ed Johnston, W7
98.7 kph
And Day 2 also, at 105.6 kph

The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Friday 14/7/2006 - Day 5

7:30 am A bright morning, some layer cloud which is expected to clear. Weatherman says it will be to over 4500'.

8:15 am Max is setting a task now. "So we underset yeserday? Right then!" Take a packed lunch with you boys and girls. Go west, young pilot.

Ed Davies has kindly produced some "Bumps" charts which show pilots' progress throughout the competition (scores, day placing, overall placing). These are linked to under Results in the menu as Progress Charts.

9:47 am Weatherman still convident about heights the thermals will top out at. Flying winds were forecast as 15kts, but some places to the east and south have ground level winds of this strength or more.

10:22 am Today's task is 298 km Bicester - Abergavenny - Shobdon - Bicester, out to the land of the Joneses (Tom Jones, not Steve and Phil) Fallback is 199 km Bicester - Gloucester South - Worcester Racecourse - Bicester.

First launch is provisionally set for 11:30. Met man says 3 - 4 kt thermals over most of the task area for about four to five hours. The upper wind (15kts + ) is why we aren't sending them east, as progress that way will be rather slow initially.

11:18 am The sniffer has been launched. We'll wait to see what he says.

11:27 am First launch is in ten minutes time.

11:37 am And off they go, tug engines roaring, tow ropes straining to haul the heavily laden mighty racing machines off the parched ground, on their epic voyage into the wild Welsh wastelands, where the locals eat sheep raw (sometimes they kill the sheep first...) So don't land out there, guys, or they'll have your leg for breakfast.

Let's see if we can repeat yesterday's and the day before's 40 minutes to launch the entire grid.

12:25 The start gate is now open.

13:20 Not many starters yet, only about 20. Start times as usual are on line.

14:02 It looks like they are all off on track, after several re-starts. Thought we'd never get rid of some of them! Majority of the starts were between 13:25 and 13:50, with an early group around 13:00 to 13:10

15:00 Nothing happening, so I'll confirm that the grid was launched in 33 minutes, but mainly because six or so went to the re-light area. Oh, and it is blue to the east as well as to the west. In fact the Meteosat image shows the entire UK as blue just now, and it has been for some time.

15:23 Oops, we have an early landout, happened before 14:00 - 28E, who won on Wednesday.

15:40 And now KGN has landed out. Perhaps those late starters are regretting holding back now. And 2T too.

17:03 No more outlandings that I've heard of. BUT 15 - 20 finishers are about ten minutes out! We have yet another contest day.

17:08 EZ has called five minutes. The first of many, we hope.

17:10 And now it's J1, KV, D1 and F2 five minutes. Check those start times (above).

17:11 Joined by T2.

17:13 628 in five minutes.And 64 in one min.

17:15 R3 in five and 232 in two mins.

17:17 No 6, S1, 646 B3, LL, A and a few others in three to five mins. Crews are clearing the field to make space in case more are due. Luckily there's a lot of landable grass here.

17:20 952 five minutes.

17:24 W7, 70 and AC in five mins. I feel a 1000 point day coming on.

17:27 969 and E11 called five mins (I may have missed one or two finishers)

17:32 144, 660, 104 calling as well. And several that I've missed.

17:37 790 due soon. I'll try to get the first scores up soon. Be patient.

18:03 We know of eight landouts, but there are still quite a few gliders out there.

18:29 All gliders are accounted for. Most got round. Scoring is progressing at this moment.

19:46 Scoring has made good progress, waiting for a few loggers from the fields. There is a change at the top, and a new face for day winner.

21:33 Only two loggers to go, both arriving by car, sometime late tonight. 40 finishers out of 47.