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Typical winner posing for the camera


The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Friday 7/7/2006

The trailer park is slowly filling up, as is the caravan site, and the odd competitor or two can be see wandering around aimlessly. No practice flying took place today, but these guys are supposed to be so good they don't need practise. But then again, the weather today hasn't been too great for flying (unlike earlier in the week of course...)

Saturday's weather however is looking a bit better, though nothing special. Max is contemplating tasks already, better to have some ideas ready in case the usual Day One rush to tie up loose ends causes any problems.


About 70% of the pilots have now booked in, so we've updated the entry list with more reg numbers.

Earlier News

Windrushers Gliding Club will be hosting this year's National Championships from the 8th July to the 16th July inclusive. Preliminary information will be posted here in the run-up to the event, under General Info in the menu. Then during the competition, day by day news reports will enable you to follow the action from first launch to first landouts and, hopefully, finishers. Results will be updated at regular intervals as loggers are processed.

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