Windrushers Gliding Club

Domestic Arrangements

1. The attached map shows the layout of the airfield for the competition. Competitors should note that the normal entry route has been changed for the duration of the competition to protect access to the refuelling installation by the tugs. Extra care and a good lookout is needed for taxying powered aircraft when joining the perimeter track adjacent to the hangar. The speed limit on the airfield site is 10mph.

2. Care should be taken when entering/exiting the main gate as traffic on the Bicester ring road can be fast. When entering travelling in a westerly direction, it is recommended that you overshoot the gates to the roundabout some 100 metres past the entrance, make a 180 degree turn at the roundabout and enter the airfield travelling east

3. Caravans, tents and glider trailers are to be parked/erected only in the designated areas as shown on the attached map. The only exception is that tents may be erected in the caravan area if required.

4. The airfield entrance gate will be open from 0830 to 2200 each day. Outside these hours the main gate will be locked with a combination lock, the code being 3421X. If you find the gate locked and you open it to gain access, please ensure you relock it after entry/exit. We have had caravans and vehicles stolen during the past few months and this procedure is for your protection; we would be grateful if you would comply. Only vehicles parked in the approved carpark between the hangar and the control tower, or in the caravan park, may be locked. Any vehicles parked on the airfield, even if they are outside the perimeter track, must be left unlocked with the keys available so that they can be moved if required. The Club assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its contents while within the site, whether it is locked or not.

5. Permanent showers and toilets are located as follows:

6. The bar is located in the hangar annex and it should be noted that only that part of the bar immediately on entry from the hangar access passageway is designated a smoking area. The main area around the bar is designated a non smoking area. A quiet lounge with TV is located across the hangar access passageway from the main bar

7. Catering arrangements are outlined on a seperate page.

8. The main bar area, lounge and patio are served by a Wi-Fi broadband internet router. Free unprotected Web access is available to those competitors who have a laptop with a wireless card.

9. A battery charging facility with mains outlets is available in the Battery Charging room at the external SW corner of the main hangar.

10. Plastic rubbish bags are available from control. Once filled, they should be placed in the skips provided.

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