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The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Saturday 8/7/2006

8:45 am. Gliders are being rigged everywhere. Sun is shining. And the task is being finalised at this very moment. Not a huge distance, but big enough. Full task details will be revealed after briefing has taken place.Almost everyone has booked in, but there may be a late withdrawal. More news as it happens.

9:00 am We haven't left the ground yet and already F2 has had a problem - filled his logger with water as well as the wings...Poor Derren.

10:30am Task is 269.0 km, Bic - Hob - Ear - Mur - Bic. First launch is set for 12:00pm.

Weatherman says cloudbase going to be about 4000-4500' with 3 knot thermals. But spreadout could be a problem in the West.

11:50am Sniffer reports cloudbase currently about 3000'. And first launch has just been announced as at 12:15pm.

12:15 pm And off goes the first lucky victim - I mean pilot.

12:30 pm Sniffer reports cloudbase now at about 4000'

13:25 pm The start gate is now open, start height is 4000'.

13:52 pm Almost every one has started now, and we're updating the start times at this moment.

14:31 pm - The first two landouts have, unfortunately, just occurred. 2T and H20.

14:55 pm We can hear several pilots chatting who are more than half way along the second leg.

15:25 pm Another few landouts I'm afraid - 149, C6 and 64. PS We know we've missed a few start times. Sorry, but keeping track of all the five or six combinations containing C, 6 and 4 caused a few moments of confusion and we missed the others while sorting it.

15:45 pm 628, 28E and KGN are resting on the ground. As is 232. Somewhere.

16:38 pm We have the first finisher! W7 is back. Well done. But 6 and LL have just landed out. Now where are the rest of you? And someone has just said a 6 kt average! Where?

17:00 pm Several finishers just called five mins, including E11, 70 and 144.

17:10 pm S1 says she's coming home. F2 is on marginal final glide. 456 is 10km out, D4 is 5 mins.

17:53 pm Fair number of finishers now. Not as many as we'd like. One went down 4km out and is walking in to find his crew.

18:00 pm Still some returning - J1 and 790 just called and will be with us soon.

18:35 pm Scoring is progressing steadily. Use the menu to see the latest results.
When those in fields get back, the scores will increase a fair bit as those past Y get scored.

20:50 pm Only three left to score. A reasonably high scoring day, and Rumour Control will soon bring you the frightening news about F2. ;) Tommorrow.

22:13 pm We're closing down for the night, as we've viewed all loggers and updated the scores as well.

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