Louis Bouderlique is currently leading the pack ahead of all the Brits.

Comp. winner
Louis Bouderlique,
LS 8, A

Derren Francis, from Windrushers GC, put in a strong performance on the last day to ensure overall third place.

Day 7 Winner
Derren Francis
F2, at 98.5 kph
Third overall in the comp.

Andy was ordered to do better or She Who Must Be Obeyed would go off in a huff.

Day 6 Winner
Andy Perkins
497, at 89.6 kph

Gary Stingemore took 2nd place on Day 6 and is the only UK pilot with a realistic chance of displacing Louis.

2nd on Day 6
(and Day 4) and second overall in the comp.
Gary Stingemore
X1, at 86.4 kph

Howard had a good day and took Friday's honours, Day 5

Day 5 Winner
Howard Jones
6, at 97.1 kph

Dan shows that the local boys can win a day.

Day 4 Winner
Dan Pitman
KV, at 105.5 kph

Simon returns to Bicester after last year's successful Juniors.

Day 3 Winner
Simon Barker
28E, 242.9km at 81.0 kph

Ed Johnston who finshed 10 - 20 kph faster than the next 15 finishers on Day 1!

Day 1 Winner
Ed Johnston, W7
98.7 kph
And Day 2 also, at 105.6 kph

The UK Standard Class Nationals 2006

Sunday 16/7/2006 - Day 7 - The Final Countdown

7:30 am A grey cold morning.

8:00 am Bodies are appearing now, after last night's party.

8:30 am Various weather sites say it will go blue, and the tasksetter is considering several options. Do we send then a long way and delay scoring and the prize giving, or do we send them on a short one, devalue the day and give the prizes out early, but to a group of upset second and third place pilots. Decisions, descisions.

Winds may be lighter than yesterday, and it may be warmer as well.
So the battle for the prizes - a Colibri logger for first place, and See You software for second place - will be a close thing. Will the Frenchman beat the locals? There were a lot of changes in the overall results yesterday when a few of the top contenders landed out or had a slow speed. Will the same happen again today? Watch this space.

9:24 am Met man says it will be an earlier start today than yesterday, with temperature reports from across the country showing it is warming up already and the sun is shining here now.

On this day in history:

10:20 am The final task is set. Bicester - Winchcombe - Bedford Airfield - Eyebrook - Bicester . This is a 270 km flight.
We have a shorter fallback of 200 km, but we don't think it will be needed.
First launch will not be before 12:00

And now a word from our sponsors,
who supplied the scoring and flight analysis software, and the second prize.

12:25 A re-briefing at 12:45 has just been announced. It's getting hotter, but we have some unexpected high cirrus around us. Sniffer has just climbed through 3000'

13:00 Sniffer just said 4kt thermal, and first launch is 13:15
The new task is Bicester - Great Malvern - Northampton South - Bicester for 209.9 km

13:15 And off they go. With a sniffer saying 4 kts to 3700'

14:02:40 The start line is now open. Let battle commence. Start times here

15:20 They have all gone now, after a bit of bickering among themselves (hot and humid weather affecting them perhaps?). There were also, rather predictably, quite a few restarts. Time to relax here, for an hour or two anyway.

16:00 All quiet, so far.

16:25 Still quiet, and no landouts that I've heard about.

16:45 EZ has landed, but we didn't hear any finish being called. Is this our first finisher, or just landing back?
16:50 Correction, I've been fed duff data, it isn't a comp glider after all. Every minute that passes reduces the day devaluation, increasing the points spread possible.
While we're waiting, the prizes will be presented by Baer Selen, twice World Standard Class champion.

17:07 They're coming home! F2, was first I heard, but there are others, calling two mins.

A, D4, 497, 144, 7X, E11, AC, 144 and D1 five mins, C64 two minutes, J1 one minute

17:09 X1, R4 five mins, 57 landing straight ahead

17:10 H20 five mins

17:13 183, 161 five mins, 781 one minute

17:15 64 in five mins

17:16 EZ for real this time, five mins, along with 790 and 969, while it's 2T and 6 in one minute

17:19 R3 and 70 in two minutes, 646 in five And 232 has landed out - the first we've heard about.

17:25 B3 five minutes

17:35 301 in five mins

17:37 C6, 952 in five. Could do with a few more finishers to push up the points.

17:30 28E five minutes

18:50 Scores will be available very soon after prize-giving, which is at 19:00 (seven o'clock) Pictures from prize giving will appear sometime, perhaps late tonight or sometime tomorrow morning.

19:30 Louis Bouderlique is the winner of the UK Standard Class Nationals, but Gary Stingemore is declared National Champion as the highest place UK pilot, with local pilot Derren Francis in third place.
Day 7 winner was Derren Francis. Scores are now online.

20:20 If anyone finds they have a laptop with a dongle thingy attached that doesn't belong to them, could they please contact the office, as we'd like it back, pretty please. 01869 252493.

Monday 17th July

How they did it day by day. You don't need to win every day, you need to be consistant.

Louis - 13, 2, 2, 8,10, 4, 14
Gary - 17, 4, 17, 2, 7, 2, 17
Derren - 14, 22, 10, 3, 2, 31, 1