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The Bicester Regionals 2013

This exciting and very popular competition ran from 27th July to 4th August 2013

Once again, we managed to get some great sponsors for the competition.

First Prize - LX Navigation provided a Colibri II flight recorder for the winner of the Open Class.
And Naviter provided an Oudie for the winner of the Sport Class

Second place in both classes with receive a £150 AFE gift voucher.
Open Class second prize sponsored by SturgessOnline Accounting
Third place in both classes gets a £100 AFE gift voucher

We also had a FR300 personal logger from FlyWithCE/LX Aviation as a floating prize for allocation to someone who does well. It was given to the winner of the unofficial "Most Expensive Points" comp - Steve Codd who managed three aerotows to gain a single point on Day 3.

Forbes Insurance provided the day prizes of lots of bottles of nice wine. Cheers. Oudie navigation Colibri II Flight Recorder

We flew on five days out of nine. Showers on a few days managed to position themselves to cause the maximum disruption, including Day 5 where another 15 Sport Class pilots could have finished but for one particular blob of rain that appeared between the last TP and the finish.

I will try to package up all the logger traces for pilots to download over the next day or two.
See you all next year or at the 18m.

How they did it:

Pilot Day 1 Day2 Day 3 Day4 Day5
Open Class          
Watt/Francis 1 10 3= 9 2
Hartley/Lavendar 5 9 10 7 4
Geoff Glazebrook 6 5 11 10 5
Sport Class          
Steve Pozerskis 2 17 8= 9 6
Luke Roberts 7 1 dnf 17 2
Steve Tape 11 26= 14= 1 1


Dave Watt receives his prizeMark Lavendar takes his prize

Above Dave Watt is presented with his prize for winning the Open Class, while Mark Lavendar collects his for second place. Unfortunately the photographer failed to capture Geoff Glazebrook receiving third prize.

Steve Pozerskis winner of the Sport ClassLuke Roberts took second place

Above, Steve Pozerskis takes first prize in the Sport Class, one point ahead of Luke Roberts in second place.

Steve Tape third place, Sport ClassSteve Codd, the mosyt expensive point prize.Sir John Allison

Steve Tape collects third prize, while Steve Codd (middle) smiles at receiving the Most Expensive Point prize (£104 to score one point!).
Sir John Allison (right) kindly presented the prizes.


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