It's official now!

First prize in each class is an Oudie from Naviter, who are sponsoring the competition.

The Naviter Bicester Regionals 2012

This exciting and very popular competition will run from 21st to 29th July 2012

Once again, Naviter are sponsoring the competition and donating the first prizes.
The full prizes for both classes are as follows:

  • First prize - Oudie
  • Second Prize - Silverstone Single Seat Driving Experience
  • Third Prize - £50 AFE Vouchers
  • Day prizes included bottles of bubbly and red and white Hardy's wine

The entry fee is set at £175 and handicap split is 99 and below in the Sport Class, and 100 and above in the Open class. The entry form can now be downloaded for competitors

We are on Naviter's Soaring Spot - Open Class and Club/Sport Class

Now that the comp has started, refer to the Daily News Pages for what's happening.
We have experimented on a few days with emailing all the tasks in SeeYou format for loading directly onto the pilot's nav device (assuming it usesSeeYou of course). This suggestion came from Bob Bromwich, but at present only a few pilots have subscribed to this service.

Final Updates

Well, we failed in our target of nine days out of nine, scrubbing on safety grounds on the last day due to the threat of heavy showers and the associated risks in field landings. Still, eights days in a row is pretty good for any comp!

Having won an Oudie, Dave Watt has very generously decided to auction the Oudie he already owns and donate the money to the Save Our Airfield fund.

See you all next year, 27th July - 4th August 2013 for the Regionals, or 17th August 2013 for the 18m Nationals. We will have a web page ready soon with an entry form for the Regionals.

How they did it

Open Class

Dave Watt11112111First
Paul Rackham2114316616Second
Mark Newland-Smith813228383Third
Martin Durham71216545210Fourth

Club Class

PilotDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Overall
Pete Stratten212311037First
Steve Tape44154155Second
Luke Hornsey557=25314Third
Luke Roberts139414521Fourth


Watch this space!

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