Who will be the top pilots in 2010? It could be you!

If you're not in it, you can't win it.

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The Fabulous Bicester Regionals 2010

This exciting and very popular competition is scheduled for 24th July to 1st August 2010

Entry fee will be just £195 including the £12 BGA levy.

As in previous years the Regionals is likely to be a very popular competition with the total entry list limited to 80 gliders.
Ensure your place is reserved by downloading and submitting an entry form right now.

Important - We have cleared an extra area for competition trailers, near the southern windsock, to make the area near the tower less crowded when about 70 gliders are trying to rig. We wish the southern windsock area to be the main comp trailer park. Please do not park your glider or trailer past the No Trailers signs - in some cases you will be parking where the winch cable falls! This is advice is for your trailer/aircraft's safety.

With the full web site now in place, pre-comp news is available via the Daily News menu entry called Pre-Comp
As usual we will provide detailed daily news, and live updates of pilots progress.

Final numbers - we have 36 in the Open Class and 25 in the Sport Class - a bit down from previous years, but enough to make a good comp.

Late Update - all igc files in one zip file (15MB)

The Overall Prizes

We have some nice prizes for the eventual winners.

  • First Prize - A Personal Locator Beacon (ELT), for those days when it doesn't go right
  • Second Prize - A Silverstone Driving Experience - in an Aston Martin!
  • Third Prize - Personal Position Recorder, a hand sized logger (now approved for some badges)

Overall Results

Open Class

  • First - Dave Watt - 4319
  • Second - Derren Francis - 4088
  • Third - Phil Jeffery - 3965

Sport Class

  • First - Luke Hornsey - 3387
  • Second - Mike Tomlinson - 3119
  • Third - Mark Lavender - 2856

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