the Total Drinks Company, are donating all the wine and champagne prizes.

Mike Jordy, the Open Class winner on Day 3

Opens, Day 3
Mike Jordy
Duo Discus, GB1

Mike Fox, Sports Class winner on Day 1

Sports, winner on Day 1, Day 2 AND Day 3
Mike Fox

Paul Machacek, second in the Sports Day 3 (competitors got bored looking at the same picture of Mike Fox every day)

Sports, Day 3
Paul Machacek
DG300 175
78.4kph was second

Simon Barker, the Open Class winner on Day 2

Opens, Day 2
Simon Barker
ASW28, 28E

Derek Westwood, the Open Class winner on Day 1

Opens, Day 1
Derek Westwood
LS8-15, D4


The Bicester Regionals 2006

Wednesday 9th August 2006

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7:30am We've had some rain early this morning, and it will be windier than yesterday.

8:30am The task setter is considering several options just now.

10:20am Mike Fox collected his usual prize...
We have set some tasks, but are watching the weather carefully in case we are forced to alter things. Currently tasks are as follows:-
Open - Bicester - Worcester - Little Riss - Market Harborough - Bicester, 276.4km
Sport - Bicester - Winchcombe - Pitsford - Bicester, 192.8km
First launch is provisionally not before 11:30

11:28am First launch pushed back until after 12:30
12:20 First launch will be in ten minutes.

Start Times Open ~ ~ Start Times Sport

14:53 Well they didn't hang around today. A steady stream of starters with almost all the Open Class gone within 30 minutes of the gate opening at 13:32; and practically all the Sporty ones by 14:10, with their gate opening at 13:54 . But ESU landed out a bit sooner than expected.

15:45 Looks like 175 is down near Stow on the Wold
16:00 And 2CK is landing back.
16:10 While somewhere near Watford Gap we have 27

16:20 The first finisher to call five minutes is 608, from the Sports Class

16:32 Now it's the turn of the Open Class, with J15 calling ten minutes
16:35 And, as usual, MF has called five minutes. Can nothing slow him down a bit?
16:54 Z27 is our next Open Class finisher calling five minutes. Still looks soarable in the direction of the last TP.
17:00 925, another Open Class is due in five minutes.
17:09 A few are landing back, having abandoned their tasks, but W81 has called ten minutes, and I think I missed one or two more finishers.
17:13 One more Sporty finisher, D8, due in five, along with GB1, MS, LL and 634 from the Opens - this is going to be close, based on handicaps!

17:45 Switching to updating the scores now. We are still getting finishers in both classes (but the phone is ringing in the background too)

18:20 All gliders accounted for. And there is a shock horror in the Sport Class scores!!! MF is NOT first today.

23:15 We have scored everyone except the girls in E7 who are still somewhere out on the road. Tired and worn out after a hard day's typing, its time for bed. Looks like a long lie in tomorrow, having checked the weather.