the Total Drinks Company, are donating all the wine and champagne prizes.

Local pilot Owain Walters, the Open Class winner on Day 4

Opens, Day 4
Owain Walters
Discus, LL

Rangi de Abaffy, the Sport Class winner on Day 4 - someone finally halts MF's run

Sports, Day 4
Rangi de Abaffy
LS4, 608

Mike Jordy, the Open Class winner on Day 3

Opens, Day 3
Mike Jordy
Duo Discus, GB1

Mike Fox, Sports Class winner on Day 1

Sports, winner on Day 1, Day 2 AND Day 3
Mike Fox

Paul Machacek, second in the Sports Day 3 (competitors got bored looking at the same picture of Mike Fox every day)

Sports, Day 3
Paul Machacek
DG300 175
78.4kph was second

Simon Barker, the Open Class winner on Day 2

Opens, Day 2
Simon Barker
ASW28, 28E

Derek Westwood, the Open Class winner on Day 1

Opens, Day 1
Derek Westwood
LS8-15, D4


The Bicester Regionals 2006

Thursday 10th August 2006

Click to visit EW logoEW Avionics have agreed to sponsor the overall winners' prizes of two of their excellent microRecorder flight recorders.
Click the image for more details.


8:00am It's a bit cooler this morning and it will be windier than yesterday.

8:10am The task setter is considering several options just now.
8:11am A new style of bug wiper was recently tested by 26. See the images from Day 3. ;)
And if anyone has a picture of 447 landing yesterday, we might show it...

10:15am We are not happy with the weather but are reluctant to scrub so early in the day.

The EW microRecorder and the magnum of champagne the overall winners will receive, thanks to our sponsors.These are the prizes that the overall winner of each class will receive - we like to reward them well. Do visit both the sponsors' websites - links above and top left.



12:00 We have scrubbed. To paraphrase a competitor at our recent Nationals, it's a wind thing.
25kts at flying heights.