Derek Westwood, the Open Class winner on Day 1

Opens, Day 1
Derek Westwood
LS8-15, D4
99.7kph (8 secs faster than second place)

Mike Fox, Sports Class winner on Day 1

Sports, Day 1
Mike Fox


The Bicester Regionals 2006

Sunday 6th August 2006

8:00am A bit dull and cloudy skies, but similar to yesterday's weather. We expected to send them off somewhere.

9:40am Late news from yesterday - 26 landed out - in a manured field. Nice one, Gally!

10:15am Both tasks are AAT today, to test the pilots' judgement more.
Sports - Bicester - Didcot - Olney - Bicester 146.3km/291.2km, time 2:30hrs
Open - Bicester - Hungerford - Olney - Bicester 168.1km/402.8km, time 3hrs

11:47am Open Class first launch is in ten minutes.
11:57am And the first glider is rolling now.

13:55 Got rid of all of then. At last some peace and quiet.

Start times Open Class ~ Start times Sport Class

16:02 First Sport Class finishers - 447, 574 and 755 due soon.

16:05 Followed by KC, D8 and N3

16:09 And now some Open Class finishers, 310 was the first I heard.

16:11 AA, 7A, D5 and 26 in five mins, but MS has landed out.

16:16 486, 924, 28E, D4 in five mins. It's getting busier now

16:22 Many gliders are calling now. Looks like a fair number have got round.

16:53 We have had a steady stream of calls for 30 minutes now, and still the brave heroes are making their way home.

21:00 Scoring complete for the night, after interviewing a few pilots about starting and problems with loggers.

23:00 Micky Webb mentioned that his son Tim, flying Discus 27 today, was once caught wearing his Mum's bra and his Dad' y-fronts...
(They tell me everything at this comp!)
Edit - wasn't his Mum's bra, it was someone else's bra, which his Mum found in his tent...