The Bicester Regionals 2006

Saturday 5th August 2006

7:30am clear skies, some high cirrus. Comp officials are grabbing weather data and considering task options.

8:20am Task setting is in progress. Looks like we are going east.

10:30am Tasks have been set
Open Class: - Bic - March - Newmarket - Bic, 259.5km
Sport Class: - Bic - Sackvile - Gransden Lodge - Bic, 163.5km
First launch scheduled for 12:00

12:55 First launch for the Open Class is in ten minutes time.

13:05 Well, they are launching now. From the weather maps it looks better where they are going than locally, so the sooner they go off, the better.

Start times Open Class ~ Start times Sport Class

15:15 The 43 Open Class gliders were launched in 42 minutes, and the 20 Sports Class gliders in a mere 18 minutes. All the gliders are off on task now. They left in a steady stream, with most Open Class gone by 14:22 and most Sports Class by 15:00.

16:11 MF has just called one minute! Our first finisher, from the Sports Class, and he has gone and devalued it.

16:22 And 608 in the Sport Class has called five minutes. We expect a few more to call soon.
16.28 379 has just called five as well.
16:30 D8 and 175 are due in five. All in Sport Class, so far. Where are the big boys?

16:34 108, the first of the big boys has called 5km
16:36 J15, the second open Class finisher in five minutes.

16:39 Five or so Sports Class all due in five, plus 841 from the Open Class.
16:45 Eight or ten Open Class calling now.

16:57 We have a contiual stream of gliders calling five minutes. We have heard from a couple of pilots that the conditions 60 km down track were unexpectedly very good. Hence the good times and speeds we will see today. I haven't heard of any landouts so far. Scoring is underway, and we will soon be posting scores at regular intervals.

17:05 Spoke too soon, E7 has landed out somewhere close by. 973 is down as well

19:23 Sports Class scoring almost complete, results declared Provisional now. Open Class scoring still has some way to go though.