the Total Drinks Company, are donating all the wine and champagne prizes.

Simon Barker, the Open Class winner on Day 2

Opens, Day 2
Simon Barker
ASW28, 28E

Derek Westwood, the Open Class winner on Day 1

Opens, Day 1
Derek Westwood
LS8-15, D4
99.7kph (8 secs faster than second place)

Mike Fox, Sports Class winner on Day 1

Sports, Day 1 and Day 2
Mike Fox


The Bicester Regionals 2006

Monday 7th August 2006

7:30am A bit dull with overcast skies, we are currently under the edge of the front. We are getting big differences between weather forecasts just now. Some say okay weather, others say no chance. We'll keep updating them untill they are consistant. The source that worked for yesterday's weather, however, says it should be okay again.

7:31am Was that last comment about Tim Webb (27) on Sunday's news page really true?

10:15am We have had the day prizes distributed at briefing. It is currently raining lightly outside, but the met says it will clear around mid-day. So a task briefing will take place at 12:00. Watch this space.

11:45am Briefing is delayed until 13:00, but we want them ready to grid immediately after briefing.

12:43 Sadly the day has just been scrubbed. Weather is just not co-operating today.

Mike Fox flies by.

Mike Fox salutes the comp officials after another successful task on Day 2.

21:00 It seems that Tim Webb was born nine months after Micky Webb beat Ken Hartley in a comp at Lasham. The Webbs are, however, still only a one child family. But this comp is not over yet...