the Total Drinks Company, are donating all the wine and champagne prizes.

Local pilot Owain Walters, the Open Class winner on Day 4

Opens, Day 4
Owain Walters
Discus, LL

Rangi de Abaffy, the Sport Class winner on Day 4 - someone finally halts MF's run

Sports, Day 4
Rangi de Abaffy
LS4, 608

Mike Jordy, the Open Class winner on Day 3

Opens, Day 3
Mike Jordy
Duo Discus, GB1

Mike Fox, Sports Class winner on Day 1

Sports, winner on Day 1, Day 2 AND Day 3
Mike Fox

Simon Barker, the Open Class winner on Day 2

Opens, Day 2
Simon Barker
ASW28, 28E

Derek Westwood, the Open Class winner on Day 1

Opens, Day 1
Derek Westwood
LS8-15, D4


The Bicester Regionals 2006

Friday 11th August 2006

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8:00am It's cool this morning again, with a bit more cloud than yesterday morning, although it might be a little less windy at height than yesterday.

8:10am The task setter is considering several options just now.

8:50am We have decided to postpone briefing until 11:00am

10:50am We have a couple of suitable tasks now - more details after briefing.

11:25am Tasks are set.
Open Class: - Bicester - Naseby East - Watford Gap - Bicester, 189.1km
Sport Class: - Bicester - Crick - Bletchley - Bicester, 125.0km.
First launch not before 12:30

Happy birthday, task-setterRoger the Evil Task-Setter was 60 today!

We gave him a bottle of champagne and a cake (not enough room for all the candles, of course).


Two old pilots were sitting in the Comp Officials Retirement Home, chatting.
Dickie turns and says "I'm full of aches and pains today, young Roger, how do you feel?"
Roger replies "Like a new born baby"
"Really?" says Dickie, "a new born baby?"
"Yes" says Roger, "no hair, no teeth and I've just wet myself"


12:25 Ten minutes to first launch of the Open Class

14:48 We think we've got rid of most of the gliders now. I say think, because some stupid prat kept jamming the start radio for over 90 minutes with contiual vario sounds.
Unfortunately, although it looks reasonable outside, we have three landouts already - D4, E7 and 2CK. They probably had headaches from the prat jamming the radio and landed for peace and quiet. Me? I'm stuck listening to the jammer.
Seems like the radio jammer changed to block the18m Class Nationals when some of them changed frequency.

Start Times Open ~ ~ Start Times Sport

15:31 A few more landouts - GAH, 93, 685, 2ZC and W4
15:47 Some more are down - KEY, 175 and LL, the last one being the previous day winner.

15:55 The first finisher is calling five minutes,and it's 200 from the Open Class, followed by 279.
15:58 And two Sport Class ones as well - D8 and 728
16:02 108 has called 10km, however long that will take. 28E is landing back, incomplete.
16:03 447 in three minutes. Another contest day in both classes.
16:04 And MF, as usual, has called four minutes. Will he win the Sport Class yet again?

Late news - last comp day, 26 tried to book in to control via the ladies toilets. Ooooh.

16:09 574 in five mins, with FJK as well.
16:17 Now it's 310 in five minutes. We'd like a few more finishers from both classes though.
16:23 4A, S27 and 379 one minute. They must have read the request for more finishers...
16:31 As has 755 and a couple I missed. Isn't technology wonderful?

16:52 We've had another dozen or so finishers in the last ten minutes.

We have just heard that the girls in E7 were charged £30 for a forced landing at Finmere or they'd be locked in! And yet we have provided free hangerage and overnight accomodation to microlight pilots with weather problems in the past.

18:09 Would you believe 418 has just called two minutes?! Where's he been all this time?...

18:45 We are making reasonable progress with the scoring.