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The UK Junior Nationals Gliding Comp
Monday. The last potential day. A clear sky with some cirrus starts the day, and we hope to make this Day 6.

Monday 29th, 18:58
We have the day results up and we have a Champion.
First on the day was John Roberts, but he didn't quite have enough points to overtake Andy May who is the overall winner.

Competitors - please check your result and notify the scorer if there are any anomalies within 24 hours. Final results will be posted on this site on Tuesday.

At the prize-giving, Dickie Feakes congratulated all the competitors on being such a nice bunch of pilots, giving us in Scoring and Control a noticably easier task than expected. The pilots all seemed to enjoy the tasks and we all enjoyed their company. They and their crews are certainly a bit more decorative than the older pilots we are used to ;-) .

Monday 29th, 16:55
All gliders accounted for. Scoring is half way through now. As things matter a bit for the overall result, we are holding back on publishing scores until we are sure they are nearly done.

Monday 29th 15:47
Finishers calling regularly now. We could get a fair number round today.

Monday 29th 15:42
Several more finishers coming in now - who said gaggle flying was a thing of the past?

Monday 29th, 15:40
More finishers now - 6B, 28E, 27, 933

Monday 29th, 15:20
First two finishers have called five minutes! 942 and R10. But unfortunately 149 and 566 have landed out, 149 was second up until then.

Monday 29th, 15:05
First landout DZ - who was leading up until then.

Monday 29th 14:55
All the pilots have started now, with at least five of them hoping to win that valuable Garmin 96 that we are giving away as first prize.
20 of them left in the first 10 minutes.

Monday 29th, 14:15
The first starters have raced off

Monday 29th, 14:00
The start line will open at 14:10:10.

Monday 29th, 12:53
Sniffer reports cloudbase as 2800', and 3 kt climbs.
The gird will launch at 13:10 on the B task, a 94.1 km triangle.

Monday 29th, 12:26
The sniffer is rather quiet today...

Monday 29th, 11:30
First launch postponned until 12:30.
Sky is now a bit bluer, but still some cumulus around.

Monday 29th, 10:40
The cirrus has cleared locally and cumulus are forming. Looks like they will be out there fighting for that Garmin 96.

Monday 29th, 10:20
We have set as the A task, 140.6km triangle, with a fallback of 94.1 km triangle. The upper wind being 15kts has forced these shorter tasks upon us. First launch is provisionally set for 11:30, subject to the sniffer's reports. (Amazingly most pilots made it to briefing after their late night session.)

Monday 29th, 9:30am
More signs of life among the Juniors, some holding their heads very carefully and avoiding loud noises, like birds chirping and the like.
We're setting a task at this moment. And in case you didn't know, the overall winner will receive a Garmin 96 as first prize. (Generous, aren't we?) So with only 125 points separating 1st and 5th, it's important to get it right today guys and girls! Watch this space to see who the lucky winner is.

Monday 29th, 8:05am
A bit more cirrus now which might make things trickier, and one or two bodies walking around now.

Monday 29th August, 7:00am
No mist this morning, blue sky, but a little bit of cirrus forming.
No sign of the competitors after last night's party. As the party was a bit of a success, not sure when they will surface.

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