LXnav - sponsors of the winner's prize.

We are pleased to announce LXNav are providing a Nano flight recorder as first prize in the 18m Nationals.

Naviter - sponsors of second place prize Bicester Aviation Services - sponsors of second place prize

And Naviter in conjunction with Bicester Aviation Services are supplying an Oudie Lite as second prize.

The FX Firm

The FX Firm are sponsoring your free polo shirts and soaring hats.

Forbes Insurance

Forbes Insurance are buying the drinks - well the day prizes.

John Nicholls, Builds supplier

While John Nicholls has provided some general sponsorship.

18 Metre Nationals 2013, Bicester

The 18 Metre Nationals this year are being held at Bicester Airfield, home of Windrushers Gliding Club, from 17th August - 25th August

The competiton was well subscribed, but there is still room to squeeze in a few more.

The Nationals will be organised by much the same team as other competitions at Bicester, but we will be announcing full details later.

You can now view the current entry list , last updated 17th August.

Nano Flight RecorderOudie Lite

First Prize - A Nano Flight Recorder!
Thanks to LXNav

Second Prize - An Oudie Lite!
Thanks to Naviter
and Bicester Aviation Services

Third Prize - An FR300 Personnal Flight Recorder
Thanks to Fly with CE and LX Avionics

The Gliders

Glider No Glider No Glider No Glider No
ASG 29 20 ASH31 Mi 1 ASW 27 1 DG 800 1
Discus 2/18m 1 JS1 Revelation 6 LAK 17/18m 1 LS8/18m 2
Ventus 2c 4 Ventus 2cxa 4        


18m top three 2013

Russell Cheetham (left) won the 2013 18m Nationals, Steve Jones (centre) came second, closely followed by Ed Johnston (right). Last year's winner is lurking in the background...



LX avionics - specialist in glider instrumentation FlywithCE - software and personal loggers

From flywithCE and LXavionics, Personal flight recorder, as third prize.

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FR300 Personnal flight recorder